Small Cabin Floor Plans – for the Weekend Getaway

Does Size and Type Really Matter? Finding the perfect weekend getaway cabin can be challenging. For most of us, a weekend getaway cabin will be smaller than our main house. It is going to be important when looking at a small cabin floor plan that you determine the smallest size you can live with along with the number of floors, an open or more private layout and whether you want an attached or detached garage. You may not be able to choose everything you want, depending on the location, but remember that greater size will always cost more and for those on a tight budget, this could eliminate the weekend getaway cabin you have always hoped for.

Size – Remember this is a Weekend Getaway

We all know that the greater the square foot of the cabin, the greater the cost will be. I bring this up first in order to keep the cabin dreamLog Cabin with Snow on the Ground alive by living with less than you think you’ll need. Remember back when you went to camp and stayed in cabins or went to the beach and stayed some place that was significantly smaller than you were used to. The entire family may have slept in the same room and I want you to ask yourself a question. Were some of those vacations in small cabins the best memories you still have today? So, keep this in mind when you’re planning your perfect cabin getaway. Whether you choose one floor or multiple floors, remember that you don’t need a bedroom and bathroom for every person in the family. You will make great memories in a cozy cabin, especially when most of your time may be spent in the great outdoors.

Are the Number of Floors Important?

Most cabins take advantage of a loft to add more space while keeping the outside dimensions of the cabin smaller. My only caution here is first to consider the size of the property you have to build on and how steep the mountain slope is, if you are on a mountain side. Another important factor to consider is the age of those who are using the cabin the most. Make sure to at least provide for one bedroom and bathroom on the main level if there people who have difficulty with stairs.

As long as your cabin is not in hilly or mountainous areas than you will have the choice of a one story or multiple stories; If this is the case than the number of stories is a personal preference. One thing to keep in mind with a two story or with any cabin with high or vaulted ceilings; it will be more difficult to heat or cool large areas.

Is a Family Atmosphere Important or Privacy?

Interior Log Cabin Picture of a Great RoomAnother thing to consider is the type of floor plan. These days I hear most people excited to have an open floor plan where someone in the kitchen can see and talk with someone in the dining area and also with someone in the living room without walls or other obstructions between them. This is actually the most common type of small cabin layout as you don’t waste square footage on unnecessary hallways. My caution here is to consider if you want a more lively open floor plan or if your idea of a small cabin getaway is more about having quiet relaxing times. Even if you chose an open floor plan, remember to find a plan that creates an area for some quiet reading time or some place where you can just stop and reflect on things for a while.

Attached or Detached Garage?

Another thing to consider is if you want an attached or detached garage. Attached garages are great if there is a lot of rain, snow or ice but the interior wall that is against the garage takes away some great window space, which is sorely desired in cabin getaways. This issue is easily solved if you can put the garage below the cabin. Another option would be to have a detached garage with a covered walkway between the cabin and the garage and then all you have to deal with is a brief cold shuffle to the garage. This option still allows for windows on the garage side of the house, even though part of the view will be blocked.


It will be difficult to get everything you want in a small cabin but keep your ultimate goals when making your decisions. What do you really want the small getaway cabin for? Your answer is most likely to get away from your job and the fast pace of the city and create wonderful family memories. Remember that even if your kids are grown, there are still grandchildren and great-grandchildren to make memories with and let’s not forget that there are many more wonderful memories to make later in life also, even if it is just with the one you love.

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  1. Hi Rick,

    What a great niche you have, and it has all kinds of possibilities. Enjoyed reading your post, particularly your discussion of the garage. An enclosed breezeway would be another option to connect a detached garage with the home and provide for storage that might not be available in a small cabin. Also, it could be wide enough to accommodate an enclosed porch with opportunities for great views and for private conversations. I look forward to seeing some of your floor plans.

  2. Hi
    Great post. I would love something like a log cabin. I would probably sell up & retire in it.
    I see a lot of wood houses & cabins in my favourite holiday destination, Thailand ! the workmanship on some are amazing.
    I would love to bring that sort of design to the UK ! Maybe one day ?
    Keep up the good work.

  3. This is great and to be honest we have a family member that owns a couple of these little homes and he lets us stay in them when we visit.

    A journey you don’t want to miss out on for sure. It’s just something different about the entire ordeal when your “outdoors” so to speak.

    1. You’re right. Even if you don’t get out of the cabin, if feels great to get away and create memories. I think the blood pressure also goes down during these getaway trips.


  4. I’m currently researching cabins and thankfully I’ve found your site.
    Thanks for sharing all this great information and lookforwar to more content.

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