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Let’s assume that you are considering building a log cabin but you’re not ready to make it happen today or you’re not sure of where you want to build. A good idea may be to rent some cabins in areas you are interested in and also rent different sizes and types to get a feel for what you truly want.

Choosing Where to Rent

Deciding where to rent a log cabin may be pretty easy for some people to decide on because they may have visited a particular area many times in the past. Others of us may have a general idea but there could be many locations to consider in just one region. Unless you are fortunate to already live near the mountains you may not want to search for a log cabin rental near me. It is most likely more beneficial to search for a log cabin some distance away and in that case there are several options to choose from when starting your online search. There are also plenty of opportunities to pick up the phone and call rental companies in the area of interest but most rentals are now offered online.

Narrow Down Your Search

One of the first things you should do is narrow down the location of your rental search. In this example we want to stay in the mountains of northeast New Mexico, in the vicinity of Wheeler Peak. Our goal is to stay in the mountains, around plenty of pine trees, preferably around rivers or lakes, with outdoor activities nearby.

Map with a pen and note book for planning a trip

So, let’s open up an online map, such as Google Maps or Google Earth. There are several other options to choose from, such as Amazon.com, if you want a hard copy but these are the ones I use (note to self – always have a hard copy of your important maps. Cellphone service is not always available). You will notice that there are many locations to look at after a quick search. You could choose:

  • Taos
  • Red River
  • Eagle Nest
  • Angel Fire

These are the four I chose to look at. Another map that I use frequently for greater detail on outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, national forests, lakes, etc. is the New Mexico Atlas. Every state will have an atlas and it is invaluable if you want to get a greater understanding of the area you are interested in. Another thing to consider is where you are coming from because going around Carson National Forest could take you an extra one or two hours.

The next thing I would recommend is to look at pictures of the surrounding area and also look up reviews. This is a great step in forming your opinion of where to stay. I am assuming you do not know the area well in this example.

One word of advice is to make sure you try different locations over the years. I have found several great places to stay around Wheeler Peak but my family and I have also branched out and decided to stay in southwest Colorado. We have actually found that we like southwest Colorado a little better but that adds an extra four to six hours to our drive time, coming from Oklahoma, so our Family is always weighing location versus aching backs from the longer drive.

How to Start Your Search

The second step is start a quick internet search for the area you are thinking about. Let’s walk through one example.

  • Let’s say we are looking for log cabin rentals in Red River, New Mexico.Snow Covered Cabins at the Base of a Ski Resort
    • I searched for “log cabin rentals Red River NM” and now I am overwhelmed with all the options.
      • One of the listings is through VRBO, which may wife and I have used several times. Many of the rentals are individually owned and you can ask them questions, get pictures of the cabin, ask for fun things to do in the area, etc.
      • HomeAway is another great rental site that comes up and is very similar to VBRO. It is easy to scroll down through the listings and quickly find several options you are interested in.
      • There will be many other options to choose from depending on your location, so go ahead and start surfing.
    • One other search I typically look at is for the local chamber of commerce. In Red River you can search for “Red River Chamber of Commerce” and then select their site. Most chambers of commerce will have local businesses such as lodging, dinning out, recreation, etc. These are great local resources and you can always call their phone number and talk to someone who really knows the area.

Get Out and Meet the People

Once you choose a location and the perfect cabin, make sure you get out and meet the people. You may be tempted to just relax away from everyone and enjoy the peace and quiet but when you are trying to decide where to build a getaway cabin, you need to experience the area.

I remember on a trip through Colorado, I chose to stay in a historic hotel in Durango. It was a wonderful getaway, as it was one of the few times I was able to travel by myself, without everyone in the family wanting to go to ten different places. What was so special about this trip was that I came across a restaurant looking for dinner and had to eat at the bar as there were no tables available. To make a long story short, I met some wonderful locals, had a great steak, and learned so much more about Durango than if I had stayed by myself and gone to sleep early.

My Final Thoughts

It would be great if we could all be financially ready to build our log home and know exactly where we wanted to build it but the bottom line is, most of us are not in that situation right now. As I walk with you through the possibilities of having a log cabin, where to build and what type to build, I would love for you to get out there and try some different log cabins and also experience some different locations and engage with the local community. You won’t regret it.

Picture of a street in Vail, Colorado




4 Comments on “Log Cabin Rental Near Me – Rent Before You Buy”

  1. This has really help me a lot. I love to read more about your travel experience. You seem to like going to anti-mainstream places and meet local people.

    Just one question, which do you prefer the most for rental? HomeAway or Airbnb? You can write another post to differentiate the sites for rental. Looking forward to follow your writing again.

    1. Thank you for commenting and for the question. My first thought on HomeAway vs. Airbnb is that I like the amount of filters that HomeAway offers. I like being able to pick “cabin” or “chateau” and location type, lake, mountain, etc. I would use both of them depending on what I was looking for on that particular vacation, but the HomeAway filters are pretty important to how I search for the right place.


    1. I’m glad I could help. I absolutely love the mountains and staying in cabins. I hope I can help people find ways to escape from all of life’s distractions and getaway. It’s funny hearing my kids talk about great times in the past and most all of their stories have to do with our getaways to the mountains.

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