About Rick

Developing a passion and love for the mountains and the beauty of mountain homes has been a life long journey. My desire here is to help you find the perfect home or mountain retreat for you and your family.

My Story

I grew up in the Cascade mountain range in Oregon and Washington. I remember the beautiful sunny and rainy days and the incredible smell of Douglas Firs in the crisp mountain air. One of the first cabins I lived in as a child was an A-Frame cabin situated about 40 miles northwest of Mount St. Helens before it erupted.

Mount Saint Helens in the Distance with a Hiker in the Foreground before eruption

The snow caped mountain was perfectly framed out the massive front windows. There were so many wonderful drives through mountain passes and country roads with incredible scenery and mountain homes everywhere I looked.

As a teenager, I grew up in southern Oregon near the town of Roseburg. We lived on 27 acres at the foot of a mountain range with Douglas Firs everywhere and clear running streams that you were not afraid to drink from. Those days were filled with incredible trips to the Oregon Coast and the Cascade mountains and beautiful Crater Lake. We also spent a lot of our time camping and floating rivers and I remember so many clear nights looking up through the fir trees at a brilliantly star lit sky.

I remember while living in Oregon how I started drawing up house plans, landscaping plans and ranch layouts without anyone telling me I needed to do this. I laid out plans for our own family home and home additions. This has always been what I have been drawn to do; dream and plan for mountain or retreat getaways.

Reflection on a lake of two snow capped montainsI can’t say I always lived in a cabin but I was always around them. It felt like home when I drove through a small mountain village and especially a town that was filled with forest service homes, many were log homes, with those memorable green metal roofs and the smoke from wood fire places or stoves filling the night sky. This passion for the mountains and log homes is not just a fond memory from my childhood past but is something that is still with me to this day. I get away as often as I can to New Mexico and Colorado to spend time in the mountains hiking, camping and just taking time to relax in a condo or a cabin taking in the incredible sites and smells, or lack of smells, from the porch or deck.

Why I Want to Help You Find a Mountain Retreat

I find that there is less stress and more time for relaxation in the mountains. It’s interesting how families and kids are more likely to put away all or most of the new technology and find pleasure in taking a hike along a beautiful mountain trail or just sitting at a majestic mountain lake and then taking turns seeing who can get the most skips from throwing a rock across the lake.

There seems to be so much emphasis on big cities and the excitement, and work and traffic and angry people sitting in traffic. People need to find time to get away to the mountains either permanently or at least as often as possible to escape the rat race we all get caught up in. Just ask yourself a question: How do you feel when you pack up the car and pull out of the driveway, knowing you are about to escape to the serenity of the mountains? I want to help people make this a regular part of their lives, no matter where we live in the world.

My Goal at My Log Cabin PlansSunrise over a cabin on a farm

My goal is to find ways to help you achieve your log cabin or mountain retreat getaway. It would be great if we could all find a way to live in the mountains permanently but most of us cannot make that happen and/or do not want that to be a permanent part of our lives. I would like to work with you to help design or find cabin plans that fit your needs and budget to live a more fulfilled life and find peace and serenity in this fast paced world.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more then happy to help you out.

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